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Mission Statement



Objective: The mission of the American Sniper Association is to enhance the image, abilities, proficiency and safety of the professional tactical sniper through education, support and information sharing.

  •  In the furtherance of that goal, the Association provides a secure community for special operations snipers to join. It identifies and addresses the needs of the tactical sniper. It  provides a closed network for disseminating sensitive information.

  •  The Association serves as a resource to law enforcement agencies and interested military units in providing reliable facts, figures, techniques, tactics, training standards and other information relating to the training of law enforcement tactical snipers.

  •  The Association provides a quarterly newsletter which is a source of information regarding the selection, training, employment and supervision of tactical sniper personnel.

  •  The Association conducts research into new equipment, technology and training being made available to the sniper community, and gives objective evaluations of each to help agencies and individuals to get the most from their sniper budgets.

  •  The Association provides a collective voice for the sniper community.  It will continue to aggressively lobby for realistic policies, practices and standards, based on the collective knowledge and experience of its members,  to be implemented throughout the professional sniper world.

  •  Though the Association does not directly provide training, it does, endorse and promote courses and events which it feels are of the highest quality and are presented by reputable, compatible organizations.

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