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From the President


From the Desk of The President:

I want to welcome you to the Internet home of the American Sniper Association.  Please take a few minutes to learn more about our organization, what we stand for, and what we are going to accomplish.  Then, hopefully, you will take the time to join us.

This is a nonprofit organization, formed by snipers, for snipers.  We provide tactical professionals with a network for gathering and sharing information, which is so vitally important to us in doing our job safely and effectively.  ASA is a resource to enhance your operational readiness, professional knowledge, and overall abilities.

ASA is built on a foundation established by Snipercraft, Crosshairs, Center Mass and the former American Special Operations Sniper Association.  Many hours of discussion and debate went into forming an organization to prepare the sniper community for the tasks awaiting us in the coming years.  What started here is destined to grow into the largest and strongest professional association of its kind.

Before you decide to join us, I ask that you take measure of yourself. 

Be aware that some of us consider this a special calling.  We take pride in what we do. We understand the gravity of our mission.  We know the lives of everyone around us are affected by how we perform our job. We have accepted the responsibility.  And we will treat our position with the respect and dedication it requires.

There is no glamour in being a sniper.  If you do your job right, few people will even know you were there.  There certainly is no fame or fortune.  If you are joining our ranks for any of those reasons, you have chosen poorly.  For the sniper, there is sweat, dirt, and blood. That, and the satisfaction of doing a difficult job well.

I chose to become a sniper because I wanted a job which would challenge me on all levels.  This position requires strength, stamina, self-discipline, intelligence, desire, dedication and a love for the art.  Few other jobs in law enforcement require so much.  You become a sniper because this is the job you want to do more than any other.  You excel as a sniper because you develop an unquenchable thirst for learning the art.  You remain a sniper because nothing else will give you the same level of challenge, interest, or satisfaction.

The job of the police sniper is to save lives.  We save lives by our presence, protectively watching over our teammates.  We save lives with our seeming omniscience, unseen, but seeing all from our hidden vantage point.  Sometimes, circumstances force us to exercise our ultimate power, saving lives by taking a life.

If you are joining our ranks, come strong or donít come at all.  Come determined to give your very best effort every day.  Come with a passion for the discipline.  Dedicate yourself to becoming the best sniper possible.  Bring something to the sniper community which will edify us all.  Make us proud to call you a brother in arms.

I am a sniper.  It is not what I do.  It is who I am.

Welcome to the American Sniper Association.  Consider yourself among friends.

Derrick D. Bartlett - President

Ed Gross - Vice President

Bob Lewis - Director

Richard Morey - Director

Brian Sain - Director

Julie Bartlett - Business Manager